Smoky Tomato Sauce

Charred Tomato  
Red Pepper
Caraway Seed
Floral Basil

A full-bodied, rich, smoky, succulent, fruity, caramelised tomato sauce, with notes of the Mediterranean. 

Add depth to a simple pasta dish, use as a base for chilli or mild curry, spread onto toast or a pizza base, and more. 

Flavour + Function
Tomatoes, raspberries and red peppers are a source of vitamin C, which helps support the immune system. Charred tomatoes and red pepper brings a smoky richness, while the raspberries bring a sweetness and tartness, and the basil, a floralness.

Creamy Cauli Sauce

Nutty Cauliflower
Sweet Potato

A full-bodied, nutty, woody, silky, mildly spiced cauliflower sauce, carried through with banana undertones. 

Stir through pasta, use in a curry base or in place of coconut milk, as a creamy dip or spread, loosen it for a dressing or béchamel, and more.

Flavour + Function
Cauliflower and banana are high in fibre, which supports digestion. Carrots are a source of vitamin A, which is important for eye and immune health. Turmeric paired with black pepper has anti-inflammatory properties. The sweet spices from cinnamon and cardamom balances the earthy cauliflower and highlights the banana undertones and smooth sweet potato.

Tangy Pea Sauce

Sweet Pea    
Herbal Spinach
Fresh Pear
Warm Fennel Seed
Floral Basil

A minty-fresh, tangy, nutty, zesty, sweet pea sauce, with a vegetal aroma, briny capers, and a kick of chilli. 

Stir through pasta or risotto, pair with fishs or roast veggies, loosen into soup, smash on toast with crumbled feta, and more. 

Flavour + Function

Peas contain protein, and are high in Vitamins C, K, A, and B-vitamins. They are naturally sweet and balance perfectly with the anise-like fennel seeds. Pears are also high in Vitamin C, and adds a subtle sweetness and muscat flavour to mellow out the vegetal spinach. The cumin seeds add depth and an umami undertone, while the fennel seeds, which can help with indigestion and bloating enhance the sweet pea flavour. 

Why Miza? 


︎ Vegan approved
︎ Sweetened naturally with fruit
︎ No preservatives
︎ No added sugar


Use a little or a lot. Our sauces are versatile so that you can get the most out of them. Be creative, the possibilities are endless!


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Our sauces do all the hard work for you, providing an immediate depth of flavour to any meal.

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Our sauces can bring leftover ingredients to life, helping you reduce food waste at home. Follow our recipes for inspiration.

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Our sauces are vegan approved and made from veg, fruit, herbs & spices, with no added sugar, fillers or preservatives.