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Miza by Elena

Miza (pronounced “mee-za”) is inspired by mise en place (MEP).

MEP is a French culinary term which means “everything in its place”. It is all about the prep work that you do before you begin cooking. That time to prepare is essential for a smooth sailing cooking experience.

I wanted to create something that helps you to skip a few steps in the cooking process. I know that not everyone has the time to cook an elaborate meal from scratch. So, I have done the heavy-lifting for you;

Miza allows you to spend less time cooking, and more time enjoying your meal. Not only that, but the versatility of our sauces also means you can still get creative in the kitchen.

As a Leith’s trained chef, I was taught how to layer flavours to make well-rounded sauces to complement and enhance dishes. Sauces always have a purpose on a plate, but it struck me that too often they seemed restricted in their usability.

As a Masters in Nutrition student, I was taught about the intricacies of nutrition and learnt how one diet does not necessarily fit all, but variety is the key to a healthy and well-balanced diet. I also completed a thesis on the effects of chemotherapeutic (cancer) drugs on the taste system, which typically results in taste loss. Not only did this show me how important our taste system is, but also how complex taste recognition is as well.


Balancing all taste elements; salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami (savouriness), is a science and an art. Only when each element is balanced, is a dish truly elevated.

We provide you with recipes to help you do just that and our sauces bring those flavours to any dish. I’d love to see you get creative too, our sauces are here to be your new kitchen staple. Give us a follow on our socials to see what we get up to, and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with as well #makeitmiza

Get cooking!
Elena x